girl boss spotlight: the october union

i first found the october union several years ago on a blog i can't remember now. thanks to instagram we became friends and did a small event together. kimie is one of the most amazing humans i have met and happy to call her a friend now. we recently did a fun collaboration together, and i hope to do more in the future. i truly believe in her products, she puts so much love and thought into all that she makes.  

q. What lead u to your path?

a. My urge to rebel against the wrongdoings of corporate, commercial mainstream :) I discovered harmful chemicals are the standard ingredients in commercial skincare, haircare, bath and bodycare products, perfumes, dental hygiene, sunscreens, laundry products, cleaning products, etc. The fact that this is legal really upsets me, so I sought out to contribute to the healthy side of things. It is my moral and environmental duty as a human.

q. The most rewarding part of running your own business. 

a. It is most rewarding for me when my customers love using these things I create for them. When they can feel better or be better and healthier because they use my products. Helping someone discover that a natural ingredient can work better than a synthetic or harmful ingredient is so rewarding. Knowing that we are contributing to healing ourselves and the Earth is the biggest reward

q. Favorite band to listen to while working 

a. While working I like to listen to Little Dragon, Connie Francis, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Otis Redding. It's usually random and changes a lot depending on my mood but anything soulful and straightforward. I don't really listen to much new or radio music because most of it is crap.

q. Who's your female role model 

a. I admire a lot of different women, specifically positive women spreading love. Because of the internet, there is access to discovering tons of female artists, being creative and making beautiful things. I really admire women that are themselves and not easily influenced by the masses. I find inspiration in people who are happy and spread happiness to other people.

q. where'd your learn the trade?

a. Intuition. Books. Reading. Experiencing. I try to be always learning and grateful to be

q. -any tips or advise you'd give to someone starting their own business?  

a. Never do anything because somebody thinks you should or because it's what people in your position usually do. Do what you believe to be best and stay true to your values. 

Support people doing things similar to what you are doing. Unhealthy competition can be nasty and destroy creativity.

q. -favorite place to find inspiration 

a. Favorite place for inspiration is deep within, when I can clear out unnecessary mind clutter and feel my truth. And of course, the essential oils and herbs - They are my true inspiration!