girl boss spotlight: buried diamond

i first found martha porters work at a cute little store in la called pygmy hippo. i love that her jewelry is wearable art, it's so full of color and fun. i always look forward to the charms she does every season... but you have to jump fast since they always go quick. check out her etsy shop here

-What lead u to your path to jewelry?

I've made jewelry since I was a kid, but mostly as a hobby. I still have some of my childhood creations! I've always liked to draw, paint, sew, and embellish. I am very interested in wearable art and adornment. I worked as a textile designer in the fashion industry for about 8 years (I just recently left my 9-5 job at Kate Spade Saturday), and for the past 4 or so years, I have been more serious about making jewelry on the side. I started to realize how important it is to me to make things with my hands. Jewelry is sculpture, fashion, and magic. When making jewelry, you transform raw materials into something beautiful.

-The most rewarding part of running your own business. 

Hearing positive feedback from customers! Knowing that someone else loves something that you have made erases every funny look or negative comment I've received. As you know, there is so much hard work behind running your own business, and not all of it is fun...ummm recordkeeping?....I love that I can design what I want to wear, and there are others who want to wear it, too. 

-Favorite music to listen to while working 

When I'm doing production runs of jewelry, I often watch TV/movies (I just finished Buffy the Vampire Slayer while working on Halloween styles & I'm sad it's over!), when I'm packing orders, I listen to podcasts. I listen to music when I'm painting or designing new styles....either Hot 97 or girly stuff like Lana del Rey & Grimes.

-Who's your female role model 

I really look up to Andrea Grossman of Mrs. Grossman's stickers and Lisa Frank. They are both women who designed their own product and created successful businesses. And Mrs. Grossman owns her own production facility - a sticker factory!!! They both proove that there is a market for fun, playful products. Think of how many people have a strong emotional connection to their designs. That's really powerful.

-any tips or advise you'd give to someone starting their own business?  

Plan in advance, but know that you can't plan for everything! Trust yourself and your ideas, you can make it happen. 

-any new projects in the works? 

Always! I'm working on some new charms and laser cut designs, and I have some Christmas ornaments in the works.