Karen Yost of Anomaly jewelry is very dear to my heart. Her unique designs sparked my passion for jewelry when I did not have a keen interest. I was very honored to speak with Karen for my first interview for “Babes Doing Business” blog.
One day (many moons ago), I was on a mission to find a  Fafi mural in Brooklyn, New York. While searching, I stumbled onto a teeny tiny jewelry store with the cute name of Catbird. It was love at first entrance! I was in awe of a beautiful deer necklace by Anomaly. After visiting the store three times, I finally spent every dollar I had left on my trip to purchase the necklace. It was a turning point in my life because it gave me a sense of purpose and inspired me to create jewelry of my own. Ten years later, I now get to interview the lady who made the beautiful necklace. I'm happy to call Karen my friend and mentor. 

Q: favorite guilty pleasure
A: Once I became a Mom so many of my guilty pleasures were forcibly ripped from my hands. I still get to escape with T.V. every once in a while and that remains a favorite. Most recently I'm watching the show Breaking Bad and it's pretty much my favorite ever besides the Golden Girls. But I don't feel guilty about that. So I guess it's just a pleasure.

Q: what sparked your passion for jewelry
A: My mother would never buy anything and always said, "You could make that. You could make that better." So I did and I loved making everything from my Halloween costume to my own Christmas tree (out of tin foil). I went to an incredible camp when I was 12 that was a maker's paradise. They had glass blowing and welding and entrusted the kids with torches and fire. I learned metalsmithing there and wanted to do it all day long. And I did. And I do.

Q: what do u like to listen to while you work
A: Music often and more recently I have started listening to lots of different podcasts as well. WTF with Marc Maron, This American Life, Nursing and Cursing, and The Moth are a few of my favorites.

Q: places you find inspiration
A: I love Instagram. It's visual overload and I love that. I feel like I look at so many images my brain barely takes it in but then I'll be sketching and realize the eyes I am drawing on the bunny bracelet I'm making came from a vintage 50's lamb I saw on someone's feed. I am basically inspired by my favorite things and places. I'll list a few of them here: The Museum of Natural History in NYC, Flea Markets, spooky things, hippie shit, dead things, bats bats bats.

Q: favorite designers
A: Right now Gucci is blowing my mind and I want to be buried in any dress made in 2015 or '16. Alessandro Michele is the designer behind all that amazingness.

Q: some Jewelers you love
A: Polly Wales
Foundrae Fine Jewelry
Katherine Wallach Jewelry

Q: piece of jewelry you never take off or wear the most
A: I always wear my wedding band. Made it. It is a snake coiled around my finger and the head holds a small diamond from my Grandmother's ring.

Q: if you could collaborate with another person or brand who would it be;

Q: what's your spirit animal
A: Two headed farting unicorn 

Q: a celebrity you'd love to wear your jewelry and why
A: Amy Sedaris. She is brilliant and hilarious.
John Cameron Mitchell because of everything that the movie Hedwig and the Angry Inch is about and looks like.

Q: favorite quote
A: I hate quotes. Can't remember them properly and immediately zone out when I see people using them. But I love knowing you from afar, Lauren. Thanks so much for asking me these questions!