girl boss spotlight: mr. kate

i've been following mr. kate for sometime now. she's such an inspiration from her fantastic jewelry line, to her DIY projects and beyond! enjoy this insightful interview... thank you kate 

-What lead u to your path?

A lot of randomness! If you look at my journey from actress to part time jewelry designer to blogger to DIYer to interior designer to having a lifestyle brand (Mr. Kate) involving all of the above (except acting unless you count what I do on-camera for our lifestyle YouTube videos acting) it all kind of makes sense but getting there seemed like a roller coaster ride. I love how life's experiences prove to all be an essential part of your future map but of course, you don't know that in the moment!

-any early job nightmare stories?

I worked for a lady who ran a jewelry gallery and she was an inspiration as an entrepreneur but very intense. She was super neurotic about the jewelry and made me so nervous I'd drop stuff all the time which would insight a hollering session from her about how I had to be more careful! 

-The most rewarding part of running your own business?

It feels cliché to say "working for myself" but that is a really awesome part of having your own business but it is also the hardest part because you are the motivating factor, if you're not working, no one else is! I would say the most rewarding part is that I've been able to create a business based around sharing creativity. I love that my work inspires others to find their own self expression, that's rewarding and gives a deeper meaning to jewelry, decorating and DIY.

-Who's your female role model?

Ooo, I have to pick just one? That's hard! I really admire people like Tina Fey who are so powerful and funny! I love that she is a boss lady who is super creative and has a sense of humor about all the other bullshit. She creates shows and puts herself in them and everyone loves her for it! She also is a working mother which I think is probably are very difficult balance and I admire women who can do both! Maybe I'll get there one day ; )

-any tips or advise you'd give to another lady starting her own business?  

Come at your business idea from all angles. Examine it from a creative side i.e, will what I do/make inspire people and can I sustain and scale this creativity but also examine it from a business side and educate yourself about the marketplace, your peers, competition, etc. Be realistic but also dream big. It's a tough balance but knowledge and curiosity work in tandem. 

-favorite place to find inspiration 

The world wide web and the whole wide world! There is inspiration everywhere and if I need something different from blogs, pinterest, instagram, etc. I will go outside or to a museum or hang out with fun people!

-favorite beauty product? 

Mascara, it always makes me feel more awake. Lately I've been enjoying the Better Than Sex mascara by Two Faced. 

-a little something people would be shocked to know?

I run Mr. Kate with my BF for life aka husband Joey so that means we live AND work together and spend 24 hours a day together and the shocking thing is... we love it!