lisa frank

 i loved lisa frank as a kid. i came across this video on tumlr and loved it! it's so inspiring and i love that she keeps her life personal and doesn't show her face. how cool would it be to work at her office! 

"The World of Lisa Frank" - A Short Film from Scott Ross on Vimeo.

This is (to our knowledge) the first on camera or audio interview with Lisa Frank ever made public. Urban Outfitters, who was buying Lisa Frank's vintage stock, got her permission to short this short documentary, and we flew out to Tuscon, AZ to direct it. Lisa is an awesome, classy lady, but she values her privacy and preferred to be filmed in silhouette. We had a lot more interesting footage that couldn't make it into the final cut. The guy dancing in the bear costume is Scott, the guy in the leopard costume is Lisa Frank's young son.

Directed by Scott Ross & Karl Beyer (, along with producer John Osborne
Interview conducted by Kate Williams
Music by Evan Younger, performed by members of Miracles of Modern Science
Produced by Urban Outfitters (

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