concrete mermaid

this collection was inspired by an amazing shop in morro bay called the shell shop. its the cutest little store filled with... yea shells. once i stepped foot in there my brain exploded and i spent so much money one shells. 

yes summer is coming to a end here in the US, but the best part of having my own business is doing what i want!!! plus isn't summer coming for my aussie friends? 

hope you all love the new collection as much as i do! thank you to my amazing friends who helped out on this shoot. 

photography: joey martinez
hair & make up: michelle borbolla
model: katie dallas 

...along with this collection is a great collaboration with an amazing human!!! i love kimie of the october union.  limited collection of 3 hair pins by me and a refreshing sea salt spray that smells of beautiful roses. only 5 available! shop it here 


i'm so excited to finally release the jewelry i've been working on with esther kim of esther loves you. this is just a mini collection and only one of each. esther hand painted each piece and i hand casted the jewelry the pieces are incased in. to purchase please email me and don't forget... only one of each! 

the rings are cast in bronze with an adjustable band. colors are red, black, green, blue, light pink, hot pink, and orange. 
the necklaces are esthers famous bear hanging with a big pearl and fluorescent beads. and the cactus is strong from chain that has a rosary style. 

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